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Little Liners Baseball Roster 2019

The following players have made the Little Liners Baseball team for the upcoming year. We will have two teams again, the same setup as last year. The staff will break the teams up into Garnet and Gray closer to the start of the season. We will be in touch regarding a meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Kayden Amey

Garrett Bobrowski

Amman Bohkari

Alex Bottril

Kevin Burgess

Dante Carlucci

Ryan Dech

Joey Delabruere

Niko DeMarco

Jared Diefenbach

Brett Elia

Nathan Farmer

Julian Guerra

Brady Handwerk

Jason Helm

Connor Hille

Jacob Kisselbach

James La Bella

Dylan Melsky

Chris Olah

Chris Rautenberg

Jacob Sandlin

Jacob Slack

LIam Slack

Nick Stettner

Padraic Taggart

Evan Wackermann

Eddie Weindel

Nathan Wojciechowski

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