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Return of The Mac

The Terriers of Delaware Valley visited Pburg for a non conference game rescheduled from April 2nd. Although this Wednesday in May wasn't the first time Nicky Mac took the mound following his time missed due to injury, it was the first time he looked like Nicky Mac since early April. After two innings the long haired elder McAuliffe had 4 Ks and was looking good. Billy Billy would lead off the bottom of the second with an infield single. Staggy Stags would follow with a base hit and and left Billy Boy at third and Stagaloo at second. The veteran Salmon would hit a productive 6-3 ground out to score a run and move Staggy Bear to third and Go Home Rob to the plate. Feeling extremely unselfish and wanting his teammates to also experience the fun of going home, Money Martin squeezed his QB home to put the Liners up 2-0. A semi (okay VERY) questionable call put Martin on first. A fielder's choice by the younger long haired McAuliffe brought Sunshine up for an at bat in his first Varsity start. Sunshine would proceed to do what you'd expect any little lefty to do and that's bomb a ball over the right fielder's head for an RBI triple. A Miracle Whip single would put Pburg up 4-0. Not quite back at his normal stamina, Big Mac turned in a nice 4 inning, 2 run, 6K outing. Salmon would start the bottom of the sixth with a single and then with two outs Sunshine would walk. Nice Guy Nick would then deliver a two out single to make Robby Go Home the fifth Liner run. The Invisible Farmer would then tatoo a double to center to plate two more runs. Dolla Bill would follow with a dubski of his own to score a run. Nobody knows who scored because they couldn't see the runner, but a run went on the board. The Landshark would score on an error as well and all of a sudden Pburg was up 9-2 and in cruise control. In the words of the great Lee Corso, NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. Farmer Ray would take the mound in the sixth, and in no fault of his own a comedy of errors ensued behind him. Somehow, some way, those pesky Terriers who are always a thorn in the side of the Stateliners tacked on six runs (1 earned). Wild Thing Ricker Vaughn had to come in and slam the door for the save and a much needed 9-8 victory. A Skyland conference showdown is on deck for Thursday.

Following the return of the Mac was the return to the mound of Jack Albert.

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