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Helman, Oertel help Liners soar past Blue Eagles in extras

I don't even know where to start. A game that was good, bad, ugly, and everything in between. I guess the first inning is a good place to begin. The game was off to a relatively normal start after each starting pitcher went three up three down in the first. Big Boy Billy started things off in the top of the second with a single. After two outs, Danny Mac singled to put runners on first and second. Speedy courtesy runner Sunshine came in. In his first at bat in what would be his best day in his relatively young career, Nice Guy Nick Helman smoked a single to right center. Having never seen a stop sign in his life, Sunshine was being waved on to third as there was a slight bobble in center. The ball barely kicked away from the CF but it was all Sunshine needed. As a throw came back into the infield, a stunned shortstop saw a bolt of lightning going down the third baseline headed for home but the relay throw was too late as Sunshine scored with ease to put Pburg up 2-0. Nazareth tied the game in the bottom of the second and was threatening to score more with the bases loaded and one out when the Lamanator induced a 5-4-3 inning ending double play. A quiet top and bottom of the third inning left the score tied 2-2, and that was the last eventless inning we'd a game that went 10 innings. With two outs, nobody on, and an 0-2 count Diefen-rallystarter roped a single to right. After a Farmer Ray single and Lil Mac getting Mom'd in the head the bases were loaded for Nice Guy Nick Helman. Oh yeah, that Sunshine character was running at first again. Nice Guy Nick then unleashed his inner MADE and bombed a ball over the left fielders head for a sure double. This time there was no sneak attack with the speed demon known as Blake Bodajlo (yes, Sunshine does have a real name) flying around the bases. Having barely rounded third and the shortstop fielding the relay throw and everyone at Nazareth Borough Park yelling "FOUR!!!!" Sunshine still found a way to score with ease. Nice Guy Nick was up to 4 RBI and Pburg took what they thought was a commanding 5-2 lead. The pesky Blue Eagles would fight back with three runs in the fifth to tie the game. Stanskid came in relief and found himself in a second and third jam with one out. Karrick, not satisfied with the low numbers of K's in his name blew away the last two hitters to head to the 7th. In the seventh Karrickkkk struck out two more (editor's note-- we're fully aware there's a K to start Karrick's name too, we just weren't sure exactly how to handle this situation so we just decided to use the last k for this little routine). And then Karrickkkkkk took care of business in the 8th to finish with six strikeouts in a span of 8 batters. The Liners would strike again in the top of the ninth and guess who started it off? That's right, Nice Guy Nick Helman. Miracle Whip ripped a 2-0 pitch into left for a leadoff single and then stole second. With one out and desperate to end the game to get in another workout Karrickkkkkk ripped a go ahead single to right. Billy Billy was pitching for the Liners and a bloop and a couple ground balls tied the game for Nazareth and left the winning run on third base with just one out. Dolla Bill got a pop up and a huuuuuuuuge strikeout to end the ninth tied at 6. And finally, we've arrived at the 10th inning. Most games that start at four and have 12 runs scored can't make it to a 10th inning but there was just enough sunlight make DJ Khalid happy and play anotha one. El Morro dropped down a beautiful bunt to third and umm, well, let's just say it was a close call at first that happened to go Pburg's way and the Landshark was aboard with a single .A wild pitch and Billy Billy came through again with his third hit of the day, a shot down the left field line for a go ahead double. Diefen-walk, well, walked and Farmer Ray came to the plate. A wild pitch and now runners were at 2nd and 3rd. Farmer Ray ripped a single to left and advanced on the throw and the Liners now surely had an insurmountable lead, right? Ehhh. Baby Mac, the one with better hair (according to twitter polls which never lie) bunted Ray to 3rd. Ray then scored, I'd love to tell you how but we don't know because we couldn't see him. The score was 10-6 going to the bottom of the 10th. The first four batters reached base and OMG the game just wouldn't die. The umpire decided to go with the coffee mug sized strike zone in the 10th because why wouldn't we want to extend the game even longer. After a ground out and a flyout there were two outs and the tying run on 2nd. Machado, the same guy who a day earlier questioned his abilities with two outs in the final frame came on and used all of four pitches to get a save. The never ending game ended. The Liners sit at 6-3 and head to Ridge for their 9th road game of the year on Thursday.

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