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Liners top Mount Olive on a Webb Gem

They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Phillipsburg Baseball playing road games in freezing temperatures may just be a part of that list too. Playing their 5th straight road game (in seemingly sub zero temperatures) the Liners knocked off Mount Olive 4-0. Pburg threatened in the first two innings but didn't score. In the third, Swaggy Staggy crushed a ball off the wall to knock in his tight end Morro to take a 1-0 lead. One the other side, Garrett Webb retired the side in order the first three innings. The only runner to reach base was a hit batsmen that was quickly erased on a caught stealing by Colin Bryan. If you're wondering who Colin Bryan is, his real name is actually Buffalo. Webb, the starting pitcher and 9 hitter, laced a double in the fourth inning but was stranded at second. After Webb retired the side in the fourth, there was a buzz in the park. That thing that everyone knows about but are supposed to pretend they don't know about it was happening. History was in the making, maybe. Karrick Cranberry ripped a leadoff triple, his 4th extra base hit in 5 games. When asked after the game what adjustments he made he credited the protein bar he had during the previous inning. El Morro drove him in with a groundout to second and then two walks and a hit by Robby Martin (yes, little bro of Pburg football/baseball standout Alex Martin) loaded the bases. Pinch hitter Lil Mac came up to the plate and ripped a ball through the legs of the 3rd basemen to put the Liners up 4-0. There was no RBI given on the batted ball despite the persistent lobbying by the younger Mac. If it's any consolation, Danny Mac did win the better hair poll between him and brother/teammate Nicky Mac. While the score was only 4-0, it seemed closer to 40-0 with the way the righty Chris Sale was pitching. The Marauder leadoff batter hit a dribbler to no mans land that seemingly was going to end the no hitter. But spider like reflexes Webb quickly go to the ball and threw him out at first. A walk, fielder's choice, and a strikeout ended the bottom of the fifth. It was neither confirmed nor denied that the Phillipsburg head coach was actively saying "no hitter" in an attempt to jinx his own pitcher because he didn't want him to exceed 80 pitches. the bottom of the sixth came and went without a hit. Now the fans, players, coaches were all on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen next. Mount Olive sent up a pinch hitter to lead off the seventh. Webb struck him out. Another pinch hitter. Another strike out. After Garrett Webb had recorded 20 outs without giving up a hit, Mount Olive head coach Jim McDermott called upon pinch hitter Kyle Helmlinger as his last chance. The very first pitch was lined to right for a base hit and we were denied history. Baseball is a cruel game. While he was denied a no hitter, Webb turned in a masterpiece and the stateliners are 3-2 and over .500 for the first time in the young season. Up next is Franklin, at the PAC. Wait no, that can't be true. Pburg plays at home? No, I don't believe it. Hmmmm....

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