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Vikings best Liners, again.

In an all too familiar script for the faithful from Phillipsburg, Pohatcong, Lopatcong, Alpha, and Stewartsville, Voorhees and Pburg locked up in a tight exciting game that ended with Voorhees on top. The weather was absolutely miserable yet again and most in attendance couldn't feel their hands or toes. It was a promising start for Pburg as they loaded the bases in the 1st. Farmer Ray came up to bat and hit a few line drives foul before smoking a ball at the second basemen for the final out. Back to back doubles by Stanskid and Billy Billy put the Liners up 1-0. Actually, check that, Kurzrock from Voorhees field Billy Billy's line shot to right center, spun, and hosed Billy Billy at second by roughly ten feet. Pburg has a tendency to force other teams to prove they can throw them out, and well, um, the strong armed speedy center fielder proved just that. Meanwhile on the mound, Alec Ricker was dealing keeping the dangerous Vikings lineup off balance and guessing. Baby Rick racked up 5 strikeouts in less than 5 innings while only allowing 3 hits. Voorhees tied the game up at 1 in the fourth. Voorhees pitcher Walls shut down the Pburg offense to the tune of just three hits. With one out in the fifth inning, Garrett Webb, AKA Machado, AKA the righty Chris Sale, made his long awaited return to the mound. With two outs an a runner on third, the Vikings three hitter Kroll would get the Vikings only hit of Webb but it was a costly one. A line drive just inches out of the reach of a diving Robby Martin would put Voorhees up 2-1. The score would stay that way until Mike D'Alessandro would work a full count and then reach via error. Nice guy Nick Helman would pinch run for Mike D and found himself at third base with two outs. A two strike wild pitch plated Helman and the Liners were back in business....temporarily. In the bottom of the seventh Voorhees had a walk, stolen base, and bunt error to score a run and give Pburg their second walkoff loss in three games. While the game itself was exciting and action packed even for a low scoring game, there was a game within the game. Voorhees is known for their loud and rowdy dugout banter. A year ago the Vikes chatter got the best of Pburg. This Stateliner team trained all year in preparation for this bench yapping matchup. The back and forth between the two teams was comical and entertaining, even if the plate umpire didn't think so. In fairness to the umpire, at times it did seem like a cheerleading competition....Tough start to the year for the Liners although so far the fans are getting their money's worth. Next up is a trip up North to Stroudsburg, a team they haven't beaten in five or six years.

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